partyPICKLE, a.k.a. round robin, is a doubles format in which you participate without a set partner and play one game of doubles with each of the other members in the game as a partner.

With playTKD, our platform seamlessly creates an organized schedule of games for you and your friends.

After all games have been played and scores entered in the virtual scoreboard, the individual players are instantly ranked by best individual records with the winning prize(s) are paid out.

Up to 20 players can participate. Play for Real Money or our free virtual currency, Kitchen Koin.

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Host Your Own Virtual Club

In just a few simple steps, you can eliminate all your irrelevant Pickleball text strings by creating a virtual club for you and your P I C K L E pals.

Instead of waiting on responses, members can create a partyP I C K L E within the Club which will then notify all other members a game is on! Join and leave a game when it’s convenient for you!

*Please note: Users do NOT have to be a part of an existing "Club" to host or join. Users can host or be a part of more than one club at a time.

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Play for Real Money or Koin

Increase the action by putting REAL MONEY $* or Kitchen Koin, our free Virtual Currency, on the line when you enter a game. All players must register with funds prior to the game which is paid out immediately after you confirm your game results.

*Users must have a PayPal or Venmo account to participate in real money games and to receive withdrawals. If you do not have either, you may pay with credit card as a guest on PayPal.

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Play Games, Get a Free DNKR

After 60 total games, each user will establish an official DINK Rating.

60 games may seem like a lot, but it’s only 7 partyPICKLE’s of 9-players.

At the end of the day, ratings are only for beginners.

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