• Seamless Game Creation

    We are a Host’s Best Friend

    Create games of up to 16 players where all users register and confirm scores themselves, and hosts can now confirm private games!

    You and your Krew can get creative with partners and matchups to produce experiences you won't find in your normal weekend play.

  • Play for $$$ or Koin

    Increase the action by putting Real Money, or our free Virtual Currency, Kitchen Koin, on the line when you step on the court.

    All money is deposited prior to the game and paid out immediately after you enter your game results.

    Additionally, Kitchen Koin can redeemed for additional non-cash prizes.

    Users under the age of 18 can only participate in Kitchen Koin games.

  • No More Text Strings

    Host your own virtual club.

    Members can host games within the Club and can join a game when it’s convenient for you!

    Each club has its own private chatroom in which members can banter all they want.

    *Users do NOT have to be a part of an existing Club to host or join like other platforms.

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