About playTKD

What do you do when you love Pickleball but hate trying to manage organized play?

You create a virtual ecosystem that connects the Pickleverse easily and efficiently.

PlayTKD is an approach to Pickleball that puts the players first with features and functions geared towards capturing the total Pickleball experience from scheduling to results to rankings.

Stop in and play awhile. Play The Kitchen Dink!

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PlayTKD.  Come Play

What is playTKD?

An Online Pickleball Platform that links peers to games, clubs, and P I C K L E!

PlayTKD makes every game important whether you are playing for real money, Kitchen Koin, or fun!

All users over the age of 18 can play games with peers for real money. All USERS can play for Kitchen Koin, our virtual currency.

What do I need to create an account?

In order to become a user of playTKD, we require a little bit of information such as Full Name, Mobile Number or Email Address, Zip Code, and Year of Birth.

Users under the age of 18 can ONLY participate in Kitchen Koin Games.

In order to participate in real money games, you must have a Venmo or Paypal account to deposit and/or withdraw.

*We will NEVER ever share or sell your data with any third parties.

To join, click HERE

Where can I download the playTKD webApp?

PlayTKD is not a native App found on an App Store and no download is needed.

To upload the playTKD WebApp on your device, all you need to do is open your mobile browser settings and select ‘Add to Homescreen’

Our WebApp that functions just like a native App, but with many more features.

For more information on our WebApp, see link playTKD WebApp

To join today, click HERE

Is playTKD legal?

Yes, we have met with many attorneys on peer-to-peer real money "contests."

Please see Legality for more informations