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Why is PlayTKD a WebApp vs a Native App?

We wanted Picklers to be able to use our platform regardless of mobile device.

For those unfamiliar with the terms, a WebApp is an app that is available online and can be used on multiple devices whereas a mobile app is an app that only works on a specific mobile device downloaded from the softwares App Store.

Therefore, we are not on any App store as you just need to go to or in order to access the platform.

Additional Benefits

WebApps also provide you with access to a lot more features than mobile apps as users of mobile apps typically receive more limited functionality than a full-blown website and many of these apps focus on a single purpose.

One distinct advantage that WebApps have over mobile apps is that we can perform more dynamic updates. Once we push changes to the web server, they’re immediately available to all users of the web app.  With mobile apps, we have to wait for users to download the new version before receiving the benefit of the updates.

Additionally, we don't have to abide by the arbitrary rules and regulations of big communication corporations.

Other than that, it works and acts like a traditional app

For seamless access and all platform features, we highly suggest uploading our WebApp to your mobile device Home Screen

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